NEWS: 802.11n Wi-Fi to be standardised... at last

It's only taken the best part of decade, but 802.11n Wi-Fi looks finally like becoming a standard this coming September.


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John Navas
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Yep. Then we can add the proprietary enhancements. We can also do battle with vendors over certifying wireless MIMO clients, that can only do one data stream.

Official 802.11 timelines:

Also, that would be a good time for the litigation and negotiations to resume:

Duz anyone have any inside info on the terms of the settlements that CSIRO obtained with 14 assorted 802.11n users?

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Jeff Liebermann

Sorry... I forgot to include the reference link:

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Jeff Liebermann

It keeps people employed.

I was on an IEEE standards committee, and I remember the chairman picking the locations for meetings. He was maximizing the number of frequent flier miles he could accumulate. Meetings were in Hawaii, Florida, and Boston, as far from his home in San Diego as possible.

By the time the standard was approved the technology was obsolete, and the technology had been in use, and working, for three years without a standard. But we had a lot of nice meetings and good meals.

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