Netgear WGU624 drops out

I have a newly installed WGU624 which works great with my 802.11a Media

Extender and 802.11g computer backbone, but...

It appears that when I put my computers into suspend mode, the WGU624

"drops out" and loses communication with my computers (one is wired one

is wireless). It requires a physical electrical reset to get the

router working again properly.

Has anybody else had this problem? The netgear website indicates that

they have some minor problems in this area, but I would consider a

daily dropout everytime I suspend as more then minor. Do I simply have

a defective unit?

Thanks, Mike

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Can you get to its config page or is it totally gone? Can you ping it?

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I can ping the router and open the config page (via Explorer on my

computer which is hard wired to the 624). It simply does not allow me

to see any of the other computers on my network and the Internet (my

ISP is Comcast connected via a Cable Modem).

The Cable Modem appears to be working still, so the problem looks to be

in the router.

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