need internal nic for amd based laptop

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I have always had good luck replacing non WPA2 internal wireless cards with Intel's 2200BG. I just came across an AMD based Compaq Presario V2000 with such a non-WPA2 card. When I replaced it with a 2200, the BIOS would not allow me to go past its "incompatabile wireless card detected" prompt. It demanded I power off and remove the 2200 card.

What in the world? Do AMD bios'es now have it in for Intel's stuff?

At any rated, does anyone have a suggestion for an alternate, AMD friendly, WPA2 internal wireless card for this laptop?

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No, it's not a conspiracy (this time). The various laptop manufacturers have decided to enforce the FCC rules and regs which state that the radio can only be used in a computah that it was type certified. Changing the radio card violates the letter of the rules and regs. It's being done by HP, Compaq, and IBM so far. What really bothers me is that a new Compaq laptop was certified with a Intel

2200BG card, but only the Compaq version of the 2200BG card will work, not the generic version. Of course, the Compaq version costs 3 times as much.

There are ways around it for IBM. No clue if something similar will work for Compaq or HP.

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