MAC address

No. You can get the manufacturer of the wireless card from the MAC address. If you're clever, you can measure (ping) the range to the wireless card and use that to estimate a location. If you're an aspiring terrorist, you can build a HARM (RF seeking) missile that will home in on a signal as identified by the MAC address of the access point. What are you plotting to do?

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Jeff Liebermann
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Can I get the physical location of the access point from the MAC

address of the AP?


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jiten dash

How could you possibly do that? The mac address is a numeric ID in a chip on the adapter....

However you could triangulate for the location, using a directional antenna and a laptop.

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Mark McIntyre

No, you can't get the position of a person from it's passport number either...


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Thomas Krüger

Now *that's* wardriving.

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