Linksys WMLS11B


Has anyone of you a Linksys Wireless-B Music System WMLS11B? Are you stisfied? How does this device coöperitives with any wanted cookies?

I often listen to

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Here yo have to fill in our zipcode and year of birth. How does this device handle this?

Thankx. Wim The Netherlands

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The wireless media link is a grand DISAPPOINTMENT! I've had a unit since they were first introduced in the US. Six months after initial release and with two BIOS releases... multiple issues continue to plague the WMLS11B. Incompatabilities, connection issues, wired (vs. wireless) problems, streaming radio issues and more. Save your money and try something else. I'm getting ready to dump mine on eBay (but I'm not going to be happy about selling it to someone because of all the problems). This is a truly "underwhelming" piece of technology, all promise with little payoff.


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