increase the number of port ranges?

This is probably asked a lot, so forgive me if I wasn't searching for the right terms to find the answer... but...

is there any way increase the number of "port range" fields within the "Applications & Gaming" screen? 10 simply isn't enough these days, with certain games requiring 3 or more ports, and other services (such as Vonage IP phone, P2P software) requiring ports as well.

I suspect not, but I'd be very happy to be suprised :)

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Kevin Blount
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You should probably reexamine which ports are necessary. A game that uses three ports may only require one of the ports be forwarded, if any. I never forwarded any ports for Vonage, at least I'm pretty sure I didn't. Don't have Vonage any more. Only ports acting as servers need be forwarded.

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What make and model router?

Some routers (i.e. DLink) have a collection of pre-assigned port forwarding configs that come with the router. It will let you add a few, but then complains that you've hit the limit. However, you can easily delete any of the pre-assigned configs to pick up additional ports to forward.

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Jeff Liebermann

Jeff, ooops.. I have a Linksys WRT54G. Regarding the DLink.. are you saying that by default you have 10 free fields for forwarding ports, and that if you run out you can make use of default ports? How many of these "pre-assigned configs" are there?

Dom, all the ports I currently have are necessary, including the Vonage ones. Your answer was kinda like someone asking which grade of fuel is best for a particular car, and being answered with "just make sure you put fuel in". Like.. duh!

By the way, I found that before I RTFM and discovered that I could open ports, my friends came through clearly but they told me that I was cutting out quite a lot. With the ports open, they say I'm perfectly clear and consistent.

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Kevin Blount

"Kevin Blount" hath wroth:

Hardware version number? Firmware version number? Are you using the stock Linksys firmware or alternative firmware such as Sveasoft Alchemy, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, etc?

Well, see for yourself.

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DLink DI-624 comes with 14 pre-assigned configs. You can add 4 or

5 more at which point it will complain. However, you can delete the pre-assigned ones (note the trash can icon) and replace it with ones of your choosing.

Are you sure they have to have port forwarding, or will port triggering suffice instead? You only need port forwarding if you're running a server. However, if you just need port redirection when a client computer runs a specific application (i.e. most games), then port triggering is the way to go.

The QoS (quality of service) settings for VoIP have a VERY big effect on the voice quality. Vonage can use alternate ports if the ones that are pre-configured in the QoS page are not available, but they will not have the benfit of becoming the higher priority packets or bandwidth reservation. Make sure your selection of port numbers for Vonage is consistent between the port forwarding and the QoS pages.

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Jeff Liebermann

Yeah, click over there, yeah, that button, no the one to the right, then [...]

You might detail the model number, hardware revision and firmware version of the router...

One possibility is to use port triggering to get some more open ports.

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