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Your supposed to have the filters on all lines except the one that connects to the DSL modem.

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The filter needs to be on all voice lines. The DSL modem needs an unfiltered line. You can put a filter on each phone jack (In the US, "self install kits" come with several of them). Or, if wiring is convenient, you can put a filter at the entrance to the house for all of the phones, and run an unfiltered line from the entry point to the DSL modem.

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I am new to this so please bear with me.

I am in Sydney Australia and preparing to install a wireless braodband network. I understand that I have to have an inline filter on the phone connection that the ADSL modem will be connected.

My question is :

Do I have to have an inline filter connected to all phone sockets that have a phone atached??


Michael Meredith

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Michael Meredith

simplest way is contact your line provider ,Helstra ? and have them install a central dsl filter but do ask about the cost first .

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