How do you add Wi-Fi "Autoreconnect = yes:no" to Android 10 for hidden networks?

On Android 11 for a hidden network there is an auto reconnect = yes:no On Android 10 for a hidden network, I don't see any "Autoreconnect" option.

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How do you add that Wi-Fi "Autoreconnect = yes:no" to Android 10?

On Android 10, the "Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi" setup says: If your router is not broadcasting a newtwork ID but you would like to connect to it in the future, you can set the network as hidden. Hidden Network = Yes This may create a security risk because your phone will regularly broadcast its signal to find the network.

On Android 11, it doesn't bother with the lecture since it provides the option to turn off the "Autoconnect" option (which solves that problem). How do you add that Wi-Fi "Autoreconnect = yes:no" to Android 10?

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Andy Burnelli
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