Help Me With My Antenna Parabola, Please!

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OK, I'm in need of a bit more boost from my vertical omni antenna, which is just not cutting it most of the time; I need more directional grunt.

I saw this site:

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and thought I'd try it, but there are two different types of reflectors and I am not sure which is the correct one for the cheapie antenna I'm using:

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The element is about 7-3/8 inches long, with two corkscrew sections.

If you scroll down on the site, you'll see that there's a second page for an improvised reflector for "WET-11 5/8 Wave" antenna types. Which is the more appropriate for my antenna?

Do these reflectors "scale," that is, do bigger ones of the same proportions work the same?

Thanks for any help!

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What information does your site survey yield?

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EZ-12 Yes, Better!

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curly Bill

Specifically, is the height of these vertical reflectors critical, assuming they are as high as the antenna element?

Remember, this is for an element about 7-3/8" high, not the small screw-on masts that come with cheap routers, for which these designs are originally intended.

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"Always Thinking"

assuming they are as high as the antenna element?

When doing the printout, just make the square remains square.

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