Good Program WLAN Calculate Real Speed.

Hi everybody,
I'm searching for a long time a good program (maybe on GNU license) which
could be able to calculate the "real speed" of my Wi-Fi network.
If this program exist under Windows should be nice. For my Signal test i
already usse Netstumbler which i think is very good.
I discover Wifi Manager 4.0 which is free too but i can't visualizate Speed
So if someone have it one which don "server" on the Wi-Fi computer and
generate and calculate traffic throught another PC should be nice !
PS : I need one wich do it in "virtual" to be sure the speed results are not
falsed due the hardDisk.
Thank you in advance
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You might want iperf.
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run iperf -s on one computer, iperf -c _ip_address_ on the other computer.
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download the Windows binary
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is a self-expanding archive. Double-click, specify . as the unzip folder, and you will get iperf.exe and a doc folder.
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Thank you very much Clarence.
I don't see exactly how to launch it under Windows, I have try in DOS command but no way. Howwever on the doc they suggest to install it use Make or make install but when i'm trying the system doesn't recognize the command.
Any suggestion ? Does i must rename the file extension ?
I know I'm poor sorry !
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Great it works !
My Ethernet network seems not so speedy here is the results :
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth [840] 0.0- 0.0 sec 48.0 KBytes 39.3 Mbits/sec
But it really doesn't matter I need iperf for WLAN tests !!
Thank you very much i wil check now for more than 1 packet send !
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