FHSS and OFDM APs co-existing


A customer of ours with a warehouse currently has legacy 802.11 Symbol APs using FHSS modulation. The clients are hand-held terminals used to scan (optically) products picked off the shelves.

We are upgrading their current WLAN with two Cisco Aironet 1231 APs. (802.11g) These will be setup on channels 1 & 6. The new clients will also be 802.11g hand-held terminals. New SSID etc..

We'll be running the old APs and new in the same warehouse while we test it's all working OK.

Would you expect the FHSS and OFDM modulations on these APs to interfere enough to cause major problems? ie: users getting dis-associated? I can see there will be occasional interference caused when FHSS hops in to the same frequency that the Cisco APs are transmitting on, and the Cisco is sending a frame - resulting in a collision & retransmission. I anticipate the load on each WLAN to be very low.

Many thanks!

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We successfully use Proxim Rangelan2 XR (500mw) FHSS gear alongside Industrial Wifi (200mw) DSSS gear and have not experienced any association or throughput problems, on either network segment.

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