CDMA v 802.11

Just reading about Verizon Wireless in the US offering broadband connections frmo anywhere with a CDMA card in a laptop claiming 400k speeds,


1) Does this use hotspots or phone masts ?

2) Can CDMA really get 400 k ?

3) What is the coverage area like ?

4) Is this broadband service also available on mobile phones ?

5) Will CDMA be a direct competitor for 802.11 or will thy co-exist peacefully?
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Cell towers. No 802.11, wi-fi, or unlicensed spectrum involved.

1xEV-DO. Sure. Even faster as limited by the available bandwidth.
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However, watch out for Verizon's disclaimers. They're not going to give you the entire cell sites bandwidth.

"Maximum possible speed varies. It declines with distance from cell site and is limited to 1.54 Mbps at certain cell sites with backhaul limitations. Number of users on the Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess network may also affect maximum possible speed. Average upload speeds expected to be between 40-60 Kbps. Speed claim based on our network tests with 5 MB FTP data files, without compression. Actual throughput speed and coverage vary."

See above URL for list of cities with service.

No. You need the Verizon 5220 PC Card for your laptop. It would be nice if you could use your phone as a plugin broadband modem, but Verizon has this aversion to people buying a flat rate plan, and then sharing it with everyone nearby using Wi-Fi.

Cellular Data and Wi-Fi are currently not directly competative. The battle will begin when you see cell phones with built in 802.11 VoIP capeabilities. Why pay minutes to make a cell phone call when you can do it for free at a local hot spot? Let the battle begin.

You might wanna move the question to: news:alt.cellular.verizon for details.

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Jeff Liebermann

I don't see the word "anywhere" on the Verizon page

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Tha access is limited to 30 cities, not including mine ;-)

Cellular, CDMA, EV-DO.

The EV-DO can, in the rest of Verizon coverage areas, you get the National Access plan, which IIRC is about 40Kbps.

The high speed EVDO? No.

I have Cingular GPRS, with a Motorola V220 phone that I occasionally connect to my PC with a USB cable. This gives me 20Kbps. The Motorola v551 can do EDGE, the higher speed network from Cingular, up to 384Kbps. PC cards can be used as well, but I just use my phone for an occasional network connection.

I would drive a few blocks to locate an 802.11b hotspot, or might just fire up the GPRS, depending one what I'm going to do.

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Phone masts.

Mobile phone coverage.

Thy shalt coexist.

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