Can you hotspot and make/receive carrier phone calls at the same time?

Here's the situation I'm wondering if it will work on the road (example: traveling in a car far away from any known Wi-Fi AP).

Phone 1 has a SIM with data & voice. Phone 2 has nothing but Wi-Fi (no SIM).

Phone 1 can be set up as a personal hotspot. Phone 2 can use its Wi-Fi to connect to that personal hotspot.

Phone 1 has a carrier phone number provided by the carrier. Phone 2 has a voip-only phone number provided by a second-line app.

Is that a working method to get two phones with two phone numbers out of a single carrier's connection while on the road?

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I wouldn't be surprised. Plus you can test it, and you can do that before you are on the road. If you have even two friends, or maybe you only need one, you can test it today. (Used to be you could dial the operator and have her call you, but I don't think you can do that anymore. I wonder what happens when you dial 0 now. )

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