Cable companies team to offer HDTVs

Comcast, Time Warner and Charter have teamed up with Panasonic and Broadband National for a special offer on HDTV's. To see the offers visit

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sparky1635 hath wroth:

If you must spam the newsgroups, at least learn to type and post a URL that works. I did manage to decode it and found what appears to be a page lifted from a web site with dynamic content or CMS. Too bad none of the links work. The phone number shown is the Time Warner order number.

You are a disgrace to honorable profession of spamming. You can't steal a web page properly, can't type the URL, have the wrong phone number, the web page points to nothing, and none of the obvious buttons work. It's really a slow day when I have to teach spammers how to do it right.

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