Are Airlink products any good?

I notice that Airlink stuff is almost half price of stuff made by Linksys, D-Link, Belkin, or Netgear. If Airlink stuff says 108g will it perform and last like the higher priced stuff? I'm upgrading the network to 108g and I dont wanna waste my time buying junk.

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I forgot to mention I purchased the Airlink 8dbi antenna recently for only $9.95 and it dramatically improved the connection and download speeds.

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I got the same good results with the Airlink antenna but have the same

question about the Airlink router.

Signal is strong but the wifi laptops show a disconnect every 15

minutes. I have proven the capability of the PC adapter cards with

other routers in same setup so..... I think the Airlink routers are a


Mine is the Airlink 101 Super G router. In other forums, the Airlink +

router is definitely a problem. Maybe this is a general rule for all

Airlink routers?

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