Access Point - Dual or Single Antenna?

Ok, I'm really confused.

I want to build a free neighborhood HotSpot. I'm trying to decide on which AP to use. I plan to locate the AP near the antenna in a water tight enclosure.

I notice some AP's have dual antennas others don't. What are the advantages of using a dual vs single antenna.

Can some explain it?



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How wide an area to serve?

Water tight?:) Get much rain?

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Yes, Google for "antenna diversity"

You'll actually find that those AP's do in fact have two antennas, just that often, there's only one external one, the other is internal.


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David Taylor

The pre-N Belkin AP has THREE visible antennas, and IIRC 9 in total. Claims to have the 60% better coverage then any B/G AP. Regards, Martin

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Wi-Max has seven.

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