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Is it possible to put WRT-DD type firmware on any currently available AP box to cause the box to act as if it were a receive station/access point? A Google of a thread from a year or two* ago seemed to imply that v4 of the WRT54G was the last hardware revision that could support something like DD-WRT. The DD-WRT page seems to imply that v8 is now supported...

*thread titled "WRT45G as receiver, simplest setup".

Apparently, the chipsets support "client mode", and having the 802.11 interface be the default route/backhaul out seems to be a matter of configuring routing/NAT/what have you.

For whatever reason, 802.11 PCI NIC cards and the USB thumb adapters seem to run about the same price as the AP boxes these days, and a 4 or five port Ethernet switch is included with the AP box.

-- Les Cargill

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Les Cargill
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Never mind. The magic words are "client mode", and there are dozens of discussions out there.

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Note: I am not pirating 802.11 service. I am looking at my options for networking the four computers in the house, and the falling prices of the gear makes using a WRT54G or equivalent an interesting option for a WiFi NIC.

-- Les Cargill

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