A question about Wi-fi and air conditioner

Hi, I found out that microwave ovens and some cell phones cause interfering problems and destroys wi-fi signals.

Is it valid also for air conditioner's outdoor units? Can a working air conditioner (outdoor unit) damage wi-fi signalling?

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Aren't you supposed to be working -- at Paul Ricard?

kimiraikk> Hi,

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What do you mean? A technician talked about air conditioners and wireless signals can affect themselves. Or batteries of remote controls. I just wonder whether A/C affects wireless performance.

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kimiraikkonen hath wroth:

They all share the 2.4GHz band. There are a rather large list of other interference sources. See the FAQ at:

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No and No. Some air conditioners have 2.4GHz remote controls, but there's nothing inside the air conditioner that uses 2.4GHz or might generate a 2.4GHz signal.

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