WTS Cisco CVPN3000 Bundles and Components

WTS - ISPTrader.com has in stock and ready to ship the following NOB Cisco CVPN-3000 bundles and components:

Cisco CVPN3000-SEP-200U 1700

Cisco CVPN3000-CH-2AC 900

Cisco CVPN3030-NR-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 2550

Cisco CVPN3030-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 3990

Cisco CVPN3060-NR-BUN-2AC (SEP-200U) 3990

Cisco CVPN3060-Red-Bun-2AC (SEP-200U) 6750

Cisco CVPN3080-Red-Bun2AC (SEP-200U) 7500

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