WTS Cisco AS5350 Bundles and Components

WTS Cisco AS5350 Bundles and Components

Everything *In Stock* and ready to ship.

AS5350 Bundles:

AS535-2E1-60: $5100 AS535-2T1-48: $5100 AS535-4E1-120: $8250 AS535-4T1-96: $6995 AS535-8E1-210: $10,750 AS535-8T1-192: $10,750

AS5350 Components:

AS535-DFC-2CE1: $425 (NOB) AS535-DFC-2CT1: $425 (NOB) AS535-DFC-4CE1: $2390 AS535-DFC-4CT1: $2390 AS535-DFC-8CE1: $3495 / $3900 (NOB) AS535-DFC-8CT1: $3495 / $3900 (NOB) AS535-DFC-60DL: $1750 (NOB) AS535-DFC-CC: $950 (NOB) AS535-DFC-60NP: $1750 AS535-VUFC-60NP: $1850 AS535-DFC-108NP: $2350

AS5350 Power Supplies:

AS535-AC-PWR: $495 AS535-AC-RPS/Dual: $725

Terms: 90-day warranty. All equipment is refurbished, tested, and in good operating and cosmetic condition. Any software relicensing is the responsibility of the buyer. No guarantee is made regarding Smartnet status or eligibility. Please inquire regarding complete specifications of any item. Rob

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