problems with modem relay over IP - Zyxel Omni 56k Mini modem

Hello group,

Zyxel Omni 56k Mini modem give us big problems when we want to establish modem connection over the IP network beetwen two modems of this type. We set all relevant VoIP parameters accordingly (G.711, jitter, echo canceller, VAD) but still we have problems in establishing connections between two modems. With other modem types everything works OK.

Are you aware of any VoIP related problems with this modem type e.g. bad resiliency to additional delay? Are you aware of any modem setting for this modem type which might helps when establishing connections over the IP network? Regards,


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Sani Rus
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as I know, there are only t.38 protocol for fax. For modem, it can't work on voip.



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