Linksys SPA 2102 beeps my phone everytime it disconnected from Internet

I have my VOIP company sent me a Linksys SPA 2102 voice terminal to replace the 2100 one, because the old one disconnected from Internet often. However, unfortunately, the 2102 one still has same problem. Moreover, it makes my codeless phone beeps everytime it disconnects. The 2100 one has no such problem. I wonder how to fix it, because the company's technician said they never heard about it before.

Also, how to make it not disconnected from Inernet?

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How is your ATA getting its IP address? From a router on your network? How long of a lease time do you have setup? Also, do you have DHCP setup on your router [assuming you have one] so that your ATA gets the same address everytime it renews its lease?

I think these questions actually provide you with plenty of answers on where to start looking :-)

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