Choice between Aastra and Cisco for asterisk

Hello everyone,

I lately subscribed to an Asterisk service over which I have only user rights. I now have to choose which phones I will use with it.

I have been looking at the Aastra 480i (CT) and the Cisco 7940G.

I would really like the Aastra because it has a wireless handset, yet the Cisco looks a little nicer. In fact, I feel like the Aastra has been designed in 1989... and the Cisco in 2000. ;) But if we look farther than design, which is better?

Thank you for your input, Max

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Have you considered Linksys phones? We use them a lot for our customers. Design is very contemporary and price is almost 1/2 of Cisco. We started selling new SPA962 with color LCD screen already. As for cordless option ... if you really care for having it you may deploy Analog Adapter (ATA) and plug any cordless phone you like.


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