Cheap ATA (€25)

ATA Arrangement: VeeZCom V212 ATA. with features; VeeZCom V212 Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) Connects standard telephone and fax machines to the Internet, and in general to IP-based networks, providing traditional and enhanced communication services.

The ATA is installed at the subscriber?s premises and features one or two ports of PTOS (Plain Old Telephone Service) for connection to existing analog telephones, fax machines and other communication systems. One of these ports has a bypass to the PSTN network in the case of power-off.

VeeZCom V212 Analog Telephone Adapter can also support multiple hand help phone in the range of 1000 feet.

The ATA takes advantage of the installed base of telephones and fax devices in the offices and home making the transition to a voice over IP phone service easier.

The ATA has an Ethernet adaptor to be connected to a broadband device (ADSL modem, cable modem, etc.). Remote configuration and upgrades are supported.

ATA Features: Interfaces legacy telephone devices to IP-based networks Two RJ-11 telephone ports One PSTN backup line One RJ-45 connection to 10Base-T Ethernet hub/switch Flexible configuration and provisioning options End user web configuration High performance line echo cancellation eliminates noise and feedback

Adaptive jitter buffer Supports standard SIP v2 protocol Supports G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A/B and iLBC vocoders ATA Telephony Specifications: Fax: Detection, Fallback, T.38 real-time Internet fax Line:SLIC multi-line impedance adaptation; CLI/CW (DTMF/FSK/Polarity Reversal);Tone control;Adaptive jitter buffer Class Features:Call Waiting/Return/Forward/Call Transfer; 3 way calling Additional: Multiple ringing tones; Message waiting (Tone/Ring/Visual)

NAT Traversal: NAT, STUN Echo Canceller: G.168 up to 32 ms ATA Other Specifications: Configuration: Multi-level password control, Control of end user web interface, User interface; HTTP configuration; TFTP (configuration & firmware) Debug Features: RTP & IP stats; Trace SIP output; Internal loop back feature Software Updates: Automatic update Indicators: 5 multi-color LEDs indicators The cost for the V212 ATA is based on minimum order of 2000

**1 port ATA=?25

**2 port ATA=?32

**4 port ATA=?55

**6 port ATA=?75

**8 port ATA= ?85

**10 port ATA=?100

The ATA are based on the minimum order of 2000 and the we will costum manufacture the ATA based on this solution so that your customers will simply plog and go, with no instilation at

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