Asterik - Anybody Use?

Hey Group,

Hope your all well?

I`ve been looking at Asterix and just wondered if anybody else had tryed this? It looks quite cool but just wanted some feedback on its reliability?

Also if I have a MultiTech card modem with 8 ports could I use this for my incoming lines or do i need a special card of some sort?

Many Thanks Regards MCN

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LOVE it.. with a bit of tweaking it can run almost anything. :) As for your Multitech card, I'm not sure as I have never used one of those yet. Look up on for any info on your devices.


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Joel Gathercole


I have installed it in our office and integrated it with our Norstar MCIS PBX. It is working great. I have 2 T1 cards. One is connected to the carrier and the other the MCIS.

rgds sahoo

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I have just set up a test set of Xtech sopftphones and SJphone with the Asterisk PBX running on a fast Mac G4 under Unix.

So far it looks great. I was hoping to find an Asterisk user group out here.


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James Huffaker


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