cross-platform, secure web conferencing/meeting offers secure, cross-platform web conferencing with multi-user whiteboard, audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing, 3D graphics and a built-in programming language, for only $19.99 per month for up to 25 users. For more details and to register for a 30 day free trial, go to:

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Features include:

- Can be hosted from any Windows or Linux machine - no server necessary.

- Applets can be embedded in web pages or used standalone, like java.

- Users just go to your web page to log onto your meeting rooms. A small 500k browser plugin allows anyone with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape or Firefox to use the system, on either Windows or Linux (a Mac plugin will be available soon).

- Example applications include: whiteboard, chat, video & audio chat, message board, desktop sharing, 3D virtual chat world with multi-user games and file sharing.

- AES encryption (the US government standard) on all data sent to/from server, to ensure privacy and security.

- Programming language and virtual machine, similar to C and java, allowing you to customise the example applications or develop your own.

- Simple yet powerful API with built-in support for audio and video conferencing, 3D graphics, desktop sharing and GUI design.

We have been developing collaborative internet applications for over 8 years. See

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for a full list of our products.

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