Western Electric is selling vacuum tubes [telecom]

I went and put "Western Electric" into a search engine, and came up with this site:

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.. where the Western Electric Export Company, apparently the new holder of the "Western Electric" name, is advertising vacuum tubes for sale.

Bill, who could use a cold 807 right now.

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Bill Horne
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The previously listed site

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) looks interesting. It looks like they are indeed manufacturing the vacuum tubes instead of just importing them. It certainly looks like a specialized skill.

Older Western Electric tube data is available at

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I'm working on an iPod dock using the Western Electric 241A. It's also using a couple mercury vapor rectifiers. It'll transmit to my 1940 AM/SW table radio.

For more on the art of building vacuum tubes, see

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Video number 1 gives a detailed view of building a precision CRT. Quite a process!


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Harold Hallikainen

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