Varying rates at a pay phone [telecom]

I happened to be at a train station and I was curious how much it would cost to call a place ten miles away. I found it had two different rates.

It was a Verizon pay phone, and it was equipped with coin 1+ long distance, a feature many pay phones today no longer offer.

I dialed the number 7D. The quoted rate was 65c for three minutes.

I then dialed the number 10D (no 1). The quoted rate was $1.00 for four minutes. Apparently including the area code (the place was in the same area code where I was) triggered a different handling of the call.

It appears that short distance toll cash rates (eg 35 miles) from pay phones can be awfully expensive, even though some pay phones offer 25c/ minute nationwide.

For some reason I don't understand, some people refuse to get a cellphone, even if pay-per-use type. I realize their rate mishigosh (cancelling minutes when not used) is frustrating, but having the convenience and peace of mind of a cell phone 'just in case' makes it worth it. Given the high rates and rarity of public phones, I think anyone who ventures out of their house ought to have a cell phone.

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I was at another location and checked out the pay phone for a rate. It was 95c for the first minute for a call to 30 miles away, regardless how it was dialed. (Same LATA).

Also, I had previously reported that a turnpike interchange had phone booths. I passed the location and checked more closely. Yes, the booths are there, but the phones are gone. Also, the "Verizon" in the upper pane is painted out. Plus, expansion of the interchange made the booths, located at the side of the road, not easy to get to or leave from.

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