TelecomDirect News Daily Update - Friday, May 26, 2006

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Strategic Security Considerations for Mobile Enterprises

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Securing business wireless applications is on everyone's minds these days. Employees are being equipped with laptops, mobile devices and wireless access to e-mail to achieve significant gains in productivity, but there still are major areas that are being neglected. This white paper explores: --Concerns about business wireless...

AWS Band Blocks & Auction Insights

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In a few weeks, the FCC will begin auctioning a new set of paired spectrum bands designated for Advanced Wireless Services AWS. The wireless industry and Wall Street types that follow it will be watching closely. Of particular interest will be which companies step up to bid for licenses and how high the bidding goes....

Vodafone Completes Telsim Acquisition

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Vodafone has announced its completion of the acquisition of holdings in the second-largest Turkish operator, Telsim, from the Turkish Savings and Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF). Vodafone beat rival bidders with an offer of US$4.55 billionin December last year, and received approval for the acquisition from the Turkish competition...

France Telecom Joins China's TD-SCDMA 3G Standard Alliance

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France Telecom has joined an industry alliance promoting China's home-grown 3G mobile standard TD-SCDMA, making it the first foreign telecoms operator to join the group, the official Xinhua news agency reported. Wang Jing, Secretary General of the TD-SCDMA forum, was quoted as saying that the addition of France Telecom to the alliance...

Auction for In-Flight Broadband Winds Down

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NEW YORK -- An auction of nationwide airwaves that could lead to cheaper in-flight broadband and telephone calls was winding down Thursday, with a small Colorado-based company as the apparent winner for the largest swath of radio spectrum. The auction conducted by the Federal Communications Commission will resume Friday, but AC...

Excise Tax Repealed - Finally!

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This just in: The U.S. government has finally acknowledged that the Spanish American War is over. The federal excise tax on long distance calling will be repealed and the IRS will refund three years worth of the taxes to consumers and businesses, the U.S. Treasury Department said Thursday. The tax has been around since 1898, when it was...

House Takes Aim At Caller-ID Spoofing

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The House of Representatives soon will receive a bill to outlaw and penalize caller-ID spoofing, a practice that currently includes online services and portable cards that allow users to fake caller-ID information - a tactic often associated with the theft of personal data and telephone records as well as identities. The House Committee...

Ofcom Proposes Spectrum Sale

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In the name of advancing high-speed wireless services in the United Kingdom, Ofcom, the Office of Communications, initiated a proposal to open up new spectrum bands on a first come, first served basis. Specifically, the U.K. telecom regulator is contemplating opening up the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz bands for the first time for commercial...

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