[Telecom] Verizon changes in GTE territory?

We are in a former Bell Telephone territory that is now Verizon. Vz has kept some legacies: 1) In fine print on bill inserts are the words "Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania". 2) In the cowl over pay phones, there is the black and red Vz logo in the front, but the Bell logo on the side.

I was curious as to what changes, if any, Vz made in GTE territories it acquired as a result of the merger.

1) Does the GTE name or logo appear in fine print on phone bills or the back of cancelled checks?

2) Do pay phone cowls have a GTE logo as described above?

3) Many GTE payphones were built by Automatic Electric. The Touch Tone buttons are rectangular and the letters staggered. Have these been replaced with WE pay phones?

4) Any other legacies left in place?

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The GTE name has disappeared from almost everything. When you look up the former company name: GTE California with the Department of Corporation here in California it says Suspended. It might still be listed on some corporation documents though, since in former GTE areas it still has some listings. The new name in California is Verizon Communications California, Inc. I am a retired GTE employee and right after the merger all my retirement paperwork started saying Verizion Communications. When they requested that we exchange out stock, I received BellAtlantic shares that had Verizon stmmped on them. I have not gotten any other stock issued to me so I don't know what the stock says now.

As to the way former GTE territories operate, they operate under Verizon standards, whic to me seem about the same as GTE standards were when I retired in 1996. I have worked in other Bell areas as well as Sprint and all seem about the same as far as construction standards and testing.

There still are a few building that have GTE on them as ss well as some vehicles, don't know why since it has been 8 years now.

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Steven Lichter

In California, areas formerly served by GTE have real DTMF buttons now. Those awful thin buttons are mercefully gone. The phones still have an AE look, but I haven't checked for any manufacturer logo. Also, GTE is gone from the phone. But, in places like the Eastern Sierra, there are still GTE logos on pay station shields, phone book holders, etc.

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Sam Spade

Georgetown, Texas was GTE territory. I have not seen ANYTHING even remotely hinting GTE was once the phone company there. But I live in Austin so I could be missing something.

I still see a lot of Southwestern Bell branding on pay phones around Austin.

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John Mayson

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