[telecom] Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case

Jury Awards $1 Billion to Apple in Samsung Patent Case

By NICK WINGFIELD August 24, 2012

Apple won a decisive victory on Friday in a lawsuit against Samsung, a verdict that will give Apple ammunition in a far-flung patent war with its global competitors in the smartphone business.

The nine jurors in the case, who faced the daunting task of answering more than 700 questions on sometimes highly technical matters, returned a verdict after just three days of deliberations at a federal courthouse in San Jose, Calif. They found that Samsung infringed on a series of Apple's patents on mobile devices, awarding Apple more than $1 billion in damages.

That is not a big financial blow to Samsung, one of the world's largest electronics companies. But the decision could essentially force it and other smartphone makers to redesign their products to be less Apple-like, or risk further legal defeats.

Consumers could end up with some welcome diversity in phone and tablet design - or they may be stuck with devices that manufacturers have clumsily revamped to avoid crossing Apple.

Samsung said it would ask the court to overturn the verdict and, if that is unsuccessful, appeal to a higher court.


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Monty Solomon
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Or just pay licensing fees to Apple.

What I found most surprising about this case is that these companies don't have cross-licensing arrangements. I thought that was how most big companies, each having extensive portfolios of patents, avoided zillions of patent-infringement cases among themselves.

Didn't Samsung also counter-sue Apple over patents on the wireless technology? Are we still waiting for the verdict on that?

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Barry Margolin

Samsung had a similar lawsuit going on in... South Korea. And curiously enough, that decision came out a couple of days prior to the one here in the US.

Oh, and _that_ decision mostly favored Samsung.

[USA Today]

South Korea's Samsung won a home court ruling in its global smartphone battle against Apple on Friday when judges in Seoul said the company didn't copy the look and feel of the U.S. company's iPhone, and that Apple infringed on Samsung's wireless technology.

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danny "lots of lawyers will get plenty rich here" burstein

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danny burstein

Cross-licensing is indeed common, but it's also common to hold back patents that a company thinks are particularly important.

No, the jury ruled against Samsung on all of them.

*Moderator Note: per another submission, Samsung did sue Apple _in_S._Korea_, and, in -that- case, it was held that Apple _did_ infringe on Samsung patents, and that Samsung _did_not_ copy Apple's "look and feel". According to the other reportage, the S. Korea ruling came down 'a couple of days' before the U.S. verdict.
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John Levine

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