[telecom] Enforcing state telecom law

From: John Mayson

>> And how are they going to enforce their state law from someone >> spoofing who is in India or China? > Simple. They aren't. This is yet another example of a useless piece > of legislation pushed through because the people demand they "do > something". I wonder how many in the state capitol even understood > the technology they were attempting to regulate?

They are not going to be able to incarcerate anyone for violating this law, but if someone wants to go to the trouble (and expense) of pushing things on behalf of the recipients, the violation of the law, if proved, could also be used as part of a civil suit against the malefactors, who will have to provide a means for the recipient to contact the callers.

Mississippi is a class-action defendant's nightmare; those juries love to give away other people's money.

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