[TELECOM] Charter Cable deletes 14,000 e-mail accounts. No backups.

Cable Co. Empties 14,000 E-Mail Accounts JIM SALTER AP Business Writer 2:28 PM EST, January 24, 2008 ST. LOUIS

Charter Communications officials believe a software error during routine maintenance caused the company to delete the contents of 14,000 customer e-mail accounts.

There is no way to retrieve the messages, photos and other attachments that were erased from inboxes and archive folders across the country on Monday, said Anita Lamont, a spokeswoman for the suburban St. Louis-based company. ... [E]very three months the company deletes inactive accounts, Lamont said.


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may be power, but communications is the key snipped-for-privacy@panix.com [to foil spammers, my address has been double rot-13 encoded]

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danny burstein
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Cox has done this at least twice in the past few years. I'll go to check my email and get an "Account doesn't exist" message. Call Cox and they repair the mailbox and all is well again.

Now lets talk about the outsourcing of the nntp services to Limelight Networks. That is a complete joke, they keep resetting group counts so I'll see articles from a year or two back.

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Cox seems to consistently purge secondary email addresses that haven't had any activity for 90 days. They used to not reinstate them, but probably got run over the coals for that iron-*ss policy.

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Sam Spade

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