[telecom] AT&T loosens FaceTime restrictions--but only for LTE users

AT&T loosens FaceTime restrictions-but only for LTE users

Those on "unlimited" data plans will be left out of the rollout, too.

by Jacqui Cheng Nov 8 2012 Ars Technica

AT&T has backed off on its decision to limit Apple's video chat service, FaceTime, to its shared data plans. In a post to the company's public policy blog, AT&T's Senior Executive Vice President Jim Cicconi wrote that AT&T will now support FaceTime over its cell network "with an LTE device" for all of its tiered data plans within the next 8-10 weeks. Still, those who are still using a grandfathered unlimited plan-which are no longer offered to new users-will still be left out of the FaceTime game, as will those customers who are still using devices that can only connect to AT&T's 3G network.


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