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CryptoSMS - triple encrypted SMS protects the confidentiality of your short messages to provide secure SMS.

function mailto(domain,user,subj)


document.location.href = "mailto:" + user + "@" + domain + "?subject=" + subj + "&";


CryptoSMS ™ - Protecting your confidential SMS messages.

Can someone read my SMS?

Does CryptoSMS protect me?

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CryptoSMS is designed to provide secure SMS messaging for even the most paranoid of users.

Encrypted SMS is becoming increasingly important as incidents of

SMS snooping,

SMS spoofing, and

SMS interception multiply. Your PocketPC or SmartPhone is protected against these SMS attacks when you send secure SMS messages with CryptoSMS.

CryptoSMS secures your private SMS messages by encrypting with a triple layer Crypto-Laminate ™ of three strong ciphers, as recommended by leading cryptographic experts.

CryptoSMS (v0.59i) is available now!

This release features an interface to the Contacts database, so you can look up numbers easily.

This release also supports more formats for "larger" content (sometimes known as LMS, long SMS, or concatenated SMS) allowing you to send encrypted SMS messages up to 1000 characters in length.

CryptoSMS has been tested on O2, Qtek, iMate, Samsung, Orange, Motorola, and Blackberry devices.

We are seeking test users for other platforms, particularly SmartPhones or PocketPCs built on MIPS or SH3 processors, and will make custom compilations on request.

Free lifetime registrations are provided to all software testers, as well as to bona fide political, religious, and activist organisations.

Drop an email to

to arrange your free registered copy of CryptoSMS and begin sending secure encrypted SMS today.

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