Smartphone suggestions? [telecom]

Any suggestion for my friend who wants a better smartphone? He lives in NYC but he travels a lot.

I haven't looked at VZW's stuff recently. Do they have anything decent that will work on foreign GSM networks?

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But here are my desired specs:

- ability to talk and access email simultaneously

- best network coverage domestically

- ability to work overseas

New Verizon Bold or Torch? New ATT Torch? Something else?

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John R. Levine
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If overseas use is mandatory get one of the phones that will do that: the one we were issued at work on Verizon wasn't a smart phone.

But to answer your want list:

AT&T and I think Sprint feature this in their ads.

Verizon unless you are in the boonies out west.

Either get a phone that works overseas, get a GSM phone and switch to an overseas service by switching chips or if you are overseas enough buy a pay as you go phone overseas.


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