Skype Fights to Be Heard on Mobile Phones

Skype in a Struggle to Be Heard on Mobile Phones
The New York Times
February 18, 2010
BARCELONA, Spain - Josh Silverman, the chief executive of Skype, the
voice-over-Internet phone service, could tick off the names of mobile
phone operators that block his company's service.
But for Mr. Silverman, a 41-year-old Michigan native, it is quicker
to name those that allow it, no strings attached.
"The two operators that have really embraced us are 3 in Europe and
Verizon Wireless in the United States," Mr. Silverman said Wednesday
at the Mobile World Congress, the industry's annual convention, in
Barcelona. "But we are making progress, and operators are beginning
to change their attitudes."
In a world where network neutrality has become a rallying cry for
advocates of an unfettered Internet, Skype, the pioneer in low-cost
and even free online calls, has become a prime example of the limits
of wireless freedom.
In the United States, Skype is blocked on mobile networks, and the
service is available only on the Apple iPhone over Wi-Fi. AT&T, the
exclusive American carrier for the iPhone, has said that it would
allow Skype and voice-over-Internet-protocol services to operate on
its 3G network, but Skype has not made an application available.
In Europe, Skype is carried by the company 3 in Britain, Ireland,
Austria, Denmark, Italy and Sweden. But many other cellular operators
still block its calls, prohibit their customers from downloading
Skype's software or outlaw the use of VoIP service in standard sales
Some carriers are imposing fees to undermine Skype's attraction. In
Germany, customers of T-Mobile can place calls using Skype, but only
if they pay an extra 10 euros, or $13.60, a month. German customers
of the Vodafone Group can use the service for an extra 5 euros a
However, the barriers to Skype and similar Internet calling services,
like Google Voice, are coming under increasing scrutiny as the
Internet goes mobile. By 2013, the number of Internet-ready mobile
phones will surpass the number of computers in the world for the
first time, according to Gartner, a research firm.
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