Re: Unanswered Calls to Cell Phones?

>> If you call a cellphone (without voicemail) and it doesn't answer,

>> after a few rings an intercept recording will come on and tell you the >> party is not available and terminate the call. >> When you reach that recording, is that call chargeable? I don't think >> it should be since it was unanswered, but my experience is that one >> does get charged. > In general, it's not chargeable. However, some systems get "confused" > (intentionally misbill, since the consumer probably won't notice, and > the company need only refund the amount of the overcharge, so there is > little risk.) > (TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: However, considering that a cell phone > is normally always within its owner's reach (a holster fastened to > your trousers, in your purse, in a holder near the driver of an > automobile, etc) it would seem very odd that it had to ring more than > three or four times, at best, unanswered. PAT]

Good theory, but a lot of pe> And using a calling card from a payphone can be significant these

days since the payphone owner can now "legally" extort huge charges > from the long distance carrier or card provider, who will then extort > those surcharges from us.

No extortion involved. If someone held a gun to your head or otherwise forced you to use the payphone, it would be extortion.

Since you choose to use a payphone, you choose to absorb that cost. A cost, which is regulated, and which helps telcos continue to run pay phones at all, since they're not generally considered profitable anymore, at least around here.

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