Re: Text Messaging Catches on in Music Business

By Antony Bruno and Chris M. Walsh

> Students at Chula Vista (Calif.) High School near San Diego were > treated to a particularly nice surprise on a recent Tuesday. > Rather than the standard fare of reading, writing and arithmetic, the > school doled out a healthy dose of Diddy, who made a guest appearance > courtesy of local hip-hop station XMOR-FM (Blazin 98). > The student body won the visit by sending the most text messages to > the radio station as part of a campaign to promote his new album, > "Press Play." The station opened the contest to all high schools in > the area, asking students to send a text message with the word "Diddy" > during a four-day period. > Chula Vista won the contest, logging 34,000 messages. Some students > reported sending in hundreds of messages each. In all, the station > received more than 170,000 text messages. The Diddy campaign is just > one implementation of many that show how record companies and radio > stations use text messaging as a promotional tool.

Wow, and they picked such a fine role model, a rap star who seems to always be under arrest for something or other, to send to the school didn't they? I wonder if he was packing when he showed up or if he decide to leave the Glock at home that day? My guess would be that the charitable record company/radio station was also requiring the text messages be sent to a premium rate destination and charging the kids up to about $1 per message; you do the math. Nice.

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