Re: Technical Demo turns political 2/26/1909 [Telecom]

Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 18:55:04 GMT

>From: "Tony Toews \\[MVP\\]" >To: >Subject: Re: Technical Demo turns political 2/26/1909 [Telecom] > >David Clayt>> >>It cost more initially, but in the long run they will be more reliable and >>generally beneficial to the community in many ways. > >How will underground cables be more reliable and generally beneficial to the >community?

In San Francisco, there had been an ongoing program to remove overhead utility lines because they have a nasty tendency to snap and fall into the street in an earthquake. This blocks the path for emergency vehicles which then have to deal with downed live power lines and toppled poles and transformers.

I believe other earthquake-prone areas have implemented similar programs for this reason.

Obviously, the aesthetic benefits are a nice bonus, too.

Regards, Will

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