Re: Start-Up Slashes Cost of International wireless

Calls from wireless (USA) ... calls to wireless in most parts of the world

> attract a charge to the calling party ... substantial though nowhere near > what the big USA telcos charge (from landline or wireless).

Generally wireless international long distance does not differentiate between wireless and wireline terminations if only because the wireless operators generally charge a good deal more than wireline companies. Where wireline long distance companies might put a cost of only 5 cents/minute to call from the US to a UK wireline connection and 30 cents/minute to call a mobile terminated call the wireless operators will charge 29 cents/minute to call the UK with no differentiation between terminating to a wireline or wireless termination. Those who make lots of international calls have learned to use alternative long distance providers such as Gorilla Mobile or One Suite where they get much better international rates even to wireless terminations.

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