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The problem with "time saving" apps on "smart" phones is that they

> can't save you any time. Since those who use a "scanning" app to > scan barcodes via a "smatrt" phone would have to do the same thing at a > checkout aisle, there's no time savings. There is, however, the > _perception_ of time savings, since those who use their "smart" phones > for such things feel like they're saving time because they don't have > to spend _as_ _much_ time in the checkout aisle. > > Of course, you have to checkout: the store wants to be paid. Of > course, you still have to type in a code for any produce you buy, and > you have to have cellular and data service, and of course the whole > thing adds up to another toy for those with more money than brains.

It's rather obvious that you don't have a smartphone and are very averse to their value and readily put down anyone who chooses to use one. If you choose not to use modern technologies that's your choice. It seems silly to put down people who choose to avail themselves of these newer technologies.

Did you ever think perhaps that scanning your items yourself you don't have to wait for a station to be available to scan your items at a self checkout?

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I agree that the "more money than brains" comment was a bit too much; my apologies.

But, my criticism of expensive cellphones remains, and I think it remains valid as well. Users who purchase these instruments are, IMNSHO, enabling a vicious-circle of technology: the idea that "everybody has to have one", just because _many_ other people already do.

I'm not adverse to "modern" technology: I'm typing this note on a computer, after all. I'm adverse to end-users being drawn into a self-fullfilling prophecy, and in the process, being tied to an electronic leash that tethers them to their employer's corporate management.

On this specific issue: I don't think the time which _might_ be saved by not waiting for a self-checkout kiosk at a supermarket is adequate compensation for paying tens or hundreds of dollars per month in usage, data, and other costs. That is, of course, my opinion, and YMMV.

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