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This 1-800-411-METRO thing sounds OK at first, but I'm wondering if usage won't somehow increase chances of telemarketer calls, etc. based on the notion of an established business relationship now being existent and so forth ?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well no, I do not think so, since what you are dialing is in essence '411'; and that does not increase your chances of telemarketer calls. You dial the long form (800-411-METRO) since telco is unwilling to default _your_ 411 calls to unless you buy one of the intercept boxes from Mike Sandman
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which converts '411' on the spot, on your premises to the longer format. And the ten-second advertising blurbs you listen to in lieu of paying the buck and a quarter telco otherwise hits you up for is just a general message; not one which takes down your name or your caller ID, etc. Plus which, if you use the 'place a call' box on our web site
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a check box allows you to block your ID if you think it is important. PAT]
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