Re: MPAA Demands Tougher Laws - Jail Time - For Bootleggers

By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer

> Every evening rush hour, hustlers lugging bags full of bootlegged > movies walk the subway train aisles, calling "two for five dollars!" > as brazenly as if they were selling hot dogs at Yankee Stadium. At > those prices, the DVDs, often of current Hollywood blockbusters, sell > well, despite laughable sound and picture quality. Few customers seem > to care the copies were made illegally. > Bootleggers apparently have little to fear. Under state law, people > caught videotaping inside a movie theater face a maximum fine of $250.

Of course, under Federal copyright infringement statutes, which such taping _does_ also violate, the penalties are *much* higher.

All the copyright owners have to do is file the _appropriate_ lawsuits.

But that's a civil tort. and _they_ have to do the investigation and suit prosecution themselves.

A criminal violation, -that- is the responsibility of 'somebody else' to investigate/prosecute. and they get the benefits _without_ having to 'do anything' themselves.

As part of its worldwide campaign against piracy, the film industry is > pushing for tougher penalties for smuggling a camcorder into a cinema > in New York, which has the country's worst bootlegging problem and > some of the weakest penalties. > A bill pushed by the Motion Picture Association of America would make > operating recording equipment inside a theater a criminal misdemeanor, > raising the maximum punishment to a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. > Making the crime a misdemeanor also would empower police to arrest > violators on the spot, rather than simply issuing a summons. > People caught a second time would be charged with a felony. > "We have to do something, because right now there's no risk," said > William J. Shannon, a Yonkers-based deputy director of the > association's U.S. anti-piracy operation. "Right now, you're looking > at something about the same as a parking ticket."
*IF* they filed a civil lawsuit against every person to whom a 'summons' was issued, I bet the problem would go away _really_ quickly.

Amazing, isn't it, how they want 'somebody else' to solve their problem for them, but aren't willing to use the _existing_ remedies available to them, whereby they could clean up the problem themselves?

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