Re: Keokuk Dam & 25Hz Power

Justa Lurker wrote:

>> Not necessarily ... the resulting waveform would be quite fine >> ... imagine a 25 Hz motor on one side turning a shaft connected to a >> 60 Hz alternator. > That is how it works. I remember doing some computer work for a > company that developed aircraft electronics. In the back room with > the ups and such were a couple of motor-generators that produced 400hz > power, which is used in large jets. This was routed to the test > benches and such. > They have been used as online ups for a long time, usually with a > flywheel to store the energy. Very low maintenance devices, that have > been around for ages.

Sure, for enough 400Hz power for aircraft electronics. I also remember dynamotors for land mobile transmitters. But it doesn't sound viable for a power generating dam, especially when you could have the equipment by just replacing the original turbine driven generator.

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