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It was a dark and stormy night when Patrick Towns>> or DHS International
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where you can register domains in

>> the name of your choice in the '' top level and a few other top >> levels. > ".net" is the "top" level. >> or SMARTDOTS
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where you can register domains in the name >> of your choice in the top level '.tc' > I think that they actually own about 25 domains such as "" and > "", and offer subdomains. I have a few sub-subdomains there > myself, though I'm converting them to .com since Google doesn't seem to > index them. ".tc" is the national top-level domain for the Turks & > Calicos Islands. > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are correct; it is '.net' and not '' > which is the top level. 'n3' is one underneath it. I thank you for > telling me the geographic location of '.tc' and I believe that '.tf' > is somewhere in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. I do not know > where '.tt' is located, nor '.tv' although the latter is used by many

.tf is the "French Southern Territories" -- a group of 4 *UNINHABITED* islands in the southern Indian Ocean, about equidistant between Africa, Antarctica, and Australia. NO permanent residents, only visiting researchers studying native fauna. (according to CIA world fact book.) .tv is "Tuvalu". an island group in the South Pacific about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. They are most noted for leasing their Internet domain (.tv) for _US$50_million_ in royalties, paid over a dozen years. .tt is 'Trinidad and Tobago. an island group between the Caribbean Sea, and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela. part of the Atlantic Ocean.

See ISO 3166-1 (on-line at

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for what all those two-letter codes mean, and the CIA world factbook (can be found online at:
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) for where the place is, and "more than you really want to know" about what they do there.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I don't suppose you know about '.ms' do you?
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offers .ms on a self-registering basis. They publicize the use of the phrase (m)y (s)ite when you advertise your new domain name. Like the others, they merely point to an _existing_ web site at some other place (which presumably you keep secret) and if I recall, I think they even refuse to give WHOIS, instead offering to forward a letter from the inquirer the site holder. PAT]
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