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*** Email subscribers get immediate access to articles and archives *** To subscribe, send an email to, with "sympa" *** as the user name, and put "subscribe telecom" >I've received a flood of scam telephone calls. They vary,


Here's a question: What carriers are supporting the >toll-free lines? Seems like they could do a better job >of controlling who they deal with.

You are assuming the Caller ID isn't spoofed. My work phone gets a ton of the tech-support 800 calls, while my cell phone usually gets all the neighbor spoofed CID calls.

At this point, I'd think the potential victims would be saturated and it wouldn't be worth attempting any longer, but apparently there is still money to be found there.

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Doug McIntyre
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The calls I've received are only a recording. They direct the recipient to call an 800 number they offer. So, I assume the 800 number given does connect back to the scammer.

Indeed, the whole thing was strange to me--a very low quality recording and the need for the recipient to hang up and place a call, which is more of an effort than just pressing a key to get an operator.

My guess is that it is apparently so cheap nowadays to flood the world with such calls that even a tiny percentage of suckers makes it worthwhile for them. Or, maybe the scammers are stupid--having been scammed themselves by a maker of robocall units and a sleazy carrier--and are losing money.

I have to respectfully disagree. I tried that a few times and all it got me was a flood of more calls, not less. They know they have a 'live one' by a response.

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Yes, you will get more calls for a little while after you start fighting back. Such calls are made while training new pitchmen (the industry has a very high burnout rate), using you as an example of how to spot a ringer. You can either practice flying under their radar, or ignore them: the end result is the same. Sooner or later, your phone number will be on their "Hostile Lead" list, and the calls will slow to a trickle.

Bill Horne Moderator

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