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I might have a definitive answer by the time this runs, but I'll > ask anyway.

> My wife and I switched to T-Mobile this week. With our particular > plan all incoming text messages are charged at 5 cents per message. I > receive about a $1 worth of spam per day. I called T-Mobile, but they > won't even acknowledge my account exists because I'm not the "primary > account holder" as my wife actually bought the phones. She's been > sort of busy and hasn't called them herself. > Does anyone have any experience with T-Mobile? Can they disable text > messaging? I don't want to have to pay $20 to $30 per month for > incoming spam.

They should be able to. I've had both Sprint and Verizon do it.

We left our previous company because they didn't give a rat's behind > about our on-going service problems until it came time to renew the > contract, then we were their best friends. I hope T-Mobile isn't the > same.

You should have your wife authorize you to deal with T-Mobile. She calls in and says "John Mayson is going to call you from time to time about my account; he's allowed to talk to you and to make changes." I have never dealt with T-Mobile, but this is based on my experience with dozens of other large companies with whom I do business. TM should be no different. It's an account security issue; you DO NOT want just anyone to be able to call in about your account. - Apple Valley, CA -

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