Re: Amtrak Passengers Standed in Woods in Georgia

This is why I think we should regionalize mass transit. MTBA now runs

> through RI, MA and NH. Why not extend into CT, NY, etc. Run high speed > bullet trains for those willing to pay for it. The current high speed > trains are a joke. Apparently Bombardier isn't the greatest > manufacturer when it comes to building commuter trains.

Actually, Bombardier is quite good at building commuter trains, providing that once you decide what you want you don't start ordering changes in the basic design, as Amtrak and government regulators did.

They essentially ordered a French TVG train, but then insisted after the contracts were signed that had to meet US crash standards that the TVG wasn't designed to, so instead of building a known component, they were on "clean sheet of paper" for the design, with delivery dates (and penalties for non delivery) that didn't take that into consideration.

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