Plantronics M60 feedback

My wife speaks softly, and doesn't like any headset that "clamps" on your head, just ear dongle things, so finding a good headset is taking some time. She likes the mini phone devices for dialing, and we have a Spectra something that seems fine, but when we tried a Plantronics M60 headset she kept getting feedback from the microphone.

I bought the M60 cheap on ebay, and it was in a ziplock (looked like typical bulk oem packing to me with a part number to match the M60 used with a Samsung cell phone), so I am wondering if maybe its just a cheap clone, or is this a general problem with the M60?

I ordered a Sennheiser PC120 to see if that works better.

Any suggestions on either a better miniphone or headset (eardongle style)?

I have a few old Plantroics T10 dialers around, but not sure how I would wire up an adapter for 2.5mm.

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